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 Barries wishlist

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Barries wishlist Empty
PostSubject: Barries wishlist   Barries wishlist EmptyFri 14 Sep 2012, 00:30

My wishlift is very long so I will add a couple lol Nothobranchius GRZ,Notho:Patrizii,Notho:Hassoni, Notho:Rachovii Albino, Notho:Furzeri.Fundulopanchax:Fallax,Fp:Galuris,Fp:Walkeri. Aphyosemion Australe brown and Spotless,Aphy:Ogoense Ogoense,Aphy Cognatum, Aphy Striatum,Aphy Marginatum.Scriptaphyosemion Guignardi Sougetta and Kindia. Any chromaphyosemions and Diaptrons.Simpsonichthy Notatus, Simps:Whitei and any Pseudomugil species.Its just a couple of species
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Barries wishlist
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